The Mother of All Grill Covers

11. January 2017 Grilling Gadget Reviews 0

I first came across this grill cover back in 2009 – after 7 years all I can say is:  WOW!

amazing grill cover

After years of searching, I had almost given up any hope of finding a grill cover that would last longer than one or two seasons without showing signs of cracking, flaking, splitting or tearing…

The first year I used this cover was one of the hottest and wettest we had here in northern Virginia in quite some time.  And the winter that followed was, hands down, the absolute worst we’ve had in the fifteen years I lived here – well over 70″ snow (Reagan National Airport reported we had more snow here than either Chicago, or Fargo, ND!)…

And this cover came through it all completely unscathed and looking nearly as sharp and clean as the day I got it.

Finally!  After twenty-some years of searching, I had found a grill cover that meets AND exceeds my expectations.   I was so thrilled with it that I even got my brother one for his birthday the following spring.

Eight years have past since I found this cover and I’ve only had to replace it ONCE. The seam around one of the handles tore in its fifth year of use.  Keep in mind, I take the cover on and off my grill an average of 4 days a week all year round. Between the all of the weather and use, I amazed at how long it lasted.

In my humble opinion, this cover is, hands down, one of the best grill covers around … it may even be the MOTHER of all grill covers.

In a nutshell, here are the details:

  • Made by Classic Accessories
  • Comes in four sizes:
    • Med – fits a grill 58″ L x 24″ D
    • Lg – fits a grill 64″ L x 24″ D
    • X-Lg – fits a grill 70″ L x 24″ D
    • XX-Lg – fits a grill 72″ L x 28″ D
  • Gardelle protective fabric system features an elegant fabric top with a water repellent/resistant PVC undercoating
  • Tough interlocking seams for added durability and strength
  • Special treatments ensure cover won’t crack in cold weather
  • Cinch cord around base of skirt for securing
  • Click-close straps that snap over grill legs for extra security on very windy days
  • Air vents to prevent inside condensation or wind lofting
  • Padded handles for easy fitting and removal
  • Large zippered front pocket for storage
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty

It usually retails for between $46 for medium to as much as $55 for a large – but if you price around though you can easily find it for less.

The two places I found with the best pricing were  – Classic® Veranda Cart BBQ Cover – and  The medium and large go for about $30 on Amazon and $37 at Cover Bonanza.

Bottom line:  This cover is absolute grilling GOLD.  Get one, you won’t be disappointed – I promise!

In fact, I was so impressed by how well it held up, I bought another one after the original cover eventually gave out. (I even wrote about on an earlier website I had. I’ve since moved the article over the Grill-It-Right – you can read the article for yourself right here.)