Firelighters – Lighting charcoal has never been easier

firelightersIf You Care Firelighters have got to be the easiest way to light a charcoal or wood fire grill that I’ve seen yet!

Vegetable oil spritzed newspaper… white lighter cubes… Strike-a-Fire starters… charcoal lighter fluid (forgive me for even mentioning it)… saw dust and pine resin fireplace starter logs – I’ve tried ’em all and none can hold a candle to ease, convenience, safety, and purity of these sweet little gems.

Made from nothing more than wood pulp (from FSC-certified forests, whatever those are…) and 100% pure vegetable oil, If You Care brandĀ Firelighters are:

  • odor free
  • 100% non-toxic
  • haveĀ zero impact on the taste of food

And, best of all…

  • were easier to ignite than the freakin’ matches I used light them

If you’re a die-hard protector of the environment, you’ll love these because they’re made from 100% renewable biomass resources.

Me, I love ’em because they begin to burn pretty much the instant you put the match next to them. And Unlike newspaper spritzed with veggie oil, the ash leave behind doesn’t blow up on to your food in the slightest whisper of a draft.

Best of all, a bag of 72 runs about six bucks depending where you get them. Amazon has them for $11.50. I found some at a local grocery chain called Mom’s Organic Market for $4.99 on sale (reg. $5.99).

'If You Care' Firelighters
‘If You Care’ Firelighters can be found for less than $6 a bag if you shop around.

That’s 9 cents a pop or less a pop.

For my Big Green Egg, I break one into 3 or 4 pieces… spread them around in the charcoal… light them… and it’s off to barbecue city.

If you stumble across a bag, you may want to give them a try – I bet you’ll love ’em just as much I do.