The Grillstone

23. May 2017 Grilling Gadget Reviews 0

grillstone grill rack cleanerThe Grillstone: is it a grilling accessory no backyard barbecue set-up should be without… or a grilling gadget gone awry?   Let’s find out…

When I first heard about this earth-friendly grill brush replacement it really piqued my curiosity.  Similar to a soft pumice stone, it was all the rave and supposed to be scads better at cleaning your grill rack than a wire brush…

Anxious to see if it would live up to my expectations, I immediately put it to the test.  Here’s how it went:


  • The high curve in the underside of the handle makes it really easy to clean near the outer edges of the rack even if it sits down 2-3″ inside the grill
  • As the stone wears, it matches the contour of your rack, which means it automatically gets down in between each rod or bar
  • Inexpensive:  Depending on where you get it, a kit containing the handle and two blocks goes for $10-13. A kit containing the handle, a stone, and a rag runs $8-10.  Just the stone and handle goes for about $7-9.  And replacement stones run about $3-5.


  • It wears down VERY fast.  After three, 20 second uses, my was about 20% gone.  Since I grill at least 4-5 times a week in season, one stone wouldn’t last me a month whereas my trusty wire brush is good for an entire six month season, sometimes two…
  • The dust/particulates it leaves behind.  The Grillstone is a pumice replace made from recycled glass.  Glass is crushed down into a fine, non-sharp, powder then rebonded into an artificial, non-toxic pumice stone.  It is environmentally, people, and pet friendly and does do a very good job of cleaning a grill rack.  Just one problem – like real pumice stone, as it’s scraped across the grill rack, is creates a fine, sandy dust.  This dust naturally drifted downward, dusting the inside walls of my grill (I’m using a big green egg).  This dust is far lighter than charcoal ash and blows around with the slightest draft.  And while it may be harmless to ingest, the LAST thing I want to taste or feel when I’m eating a nice, juicy, price piece of U.S. Prime sirloin is gritty pumice sand.

Bottom line:  If you want to give it a try, here’s where you can grab one:

GrillStone Grill Cleaner Starter Set, with Handle and Two Blocks

As for me, no thanks, I’m sticking with my trusty $6 wire brush:  RubberMaid #G100-12 BBQ Grill Brush.

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