Grilled Blue Cheese Burgers

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Grilled Blue Cheese Burgers


Grilling time: 4 to 6 minutes        Grilling method: direct heat

Grill temp.:  Medium-High (400° F)

Servings: 1        Preparation time:  15 minutes


1/2 lb 80-20 ground beef

1/2 cup of Miracle Whip or mayo

1/2 cup freshly crumbled blue cheese

1 handful of field greens

1 Granny Smith apple or a pear of your choosing

1 Kaiser roll

salt and pepper for seasoning to taste


Mix half of the blue cheese crumbles into the Miracle Whip.

Thinly slice your Granny Smith apple or pear.

Divide ground beef in half.

Gently form one half into a 1/2″ thick patty. Remember to work the meat as little as possible – just enough for the patty to hold its shape. One of the surest ways to end up with a burger that’s as dry and tough as shoe leather is to over work and tightly pack the meat.

Once your patty is massaged down to the desired thickness, use your thumb to make a small depression in the center of the patty to to hold some blue cheese crumbles – which will be added in a few more moments.

Repeat with the other half of the beef – making sure the diameter of this second patty is the same as the first one.

With the second patty still in your hand, place the remaining half of the blue cheese crumbles into the depression you made with your thumb.

Pick up the first patty, invert it – so its depression is facing down toward the blue cheese crumbles, and place it on top of the patty your already holding.

Gently squeeze the patties together a little to remove any air pockets around the cheese crumbles inbetween them, then gently pinch the edges together all the way around to seal the two halves together.

Season your cheese-stuffed burger with salt and pepper and place it on the grill.

Grill for two minutes then flip it over.

For medium-rare, grill for about two more minutes. For medium, grill for about four more minutes.

Remove burger from grill and allow to rest for 4 minutes.

While the burger is resting, slice the kaiser roll and place on grill – cut sides down – for about 10-20 seconds. Be careful, bread can go from lightly toasted to severly burnt very quickly on a grill.

Remove roll from grill and spread your blue cheese dressing on it.

Place your blue cheese burgers on the rolls, top with a few apple (or pear) slices followed by a small handful of field greens.

And enjoy!

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