John and Jason
I’m John, and I’m Jason…

… and we’re addicted to grilling.

Ribs … chicken … steak … burgers … veggies … grilling with direct heat … grilling with indirect heat … gas grills… charcoal grills… ceramic cookers… smokers… Weber style kettel grills – if it can be cooked up, cooked on, or cooked with outdoors then odds are we’ve tried it.

Why?  Simple – because we both love to grill.  We just can’t help ourselves…

Are we big time pros renowned for our grilling prowess and barbecue mastery?  No, we’re just two brothers who have a blast grilling.

Maybe it’s a family trait – our father and mother both liked to cook on the grill.   Perhaps it’s some lingering, primal urge passed down from humankind’s distant, prairie-roaming past…  Or maybe we just love the delicious tastes and textures you can only get from cooking over hot coals or an open flame.

Whatever the reason, if we come across an eye-catching recipe for gas grilling ribs … hear about unique and unusual tips on grilling steaks … or have the chance to put a new barbeque dry rub recipe to the test, we’re overcome by the urge to light the grill and give it a try.

So, what about you?

Does the click of a gas ignitor set your heart a racing?  Are you memorized by the seductive glow of red-hot charcoal?  Is the smell of barbecue smoke … the sizzle of steak on a hot grill rack… or the sight of a juicy, glistening burger fresh off the fire enough to get your mouth watering?

If so, then join us as we share new tips and ideas for making grilling easier and even more fun…

After all, you don’t have to be a backyard gourmet to a have a blast grilling — all you need is a good recipe, a few fresh ingredients, and an urge to light up your grill.

Let’s get grilling!